About Us

We source our product from the very best Australian farmers. Generally small specialists intent on raising the absolute best quality produce they can. We also have a great selection of marinated products unlike any you would find else where. Unless of course you marinated them at home yourself. Some of our top chefs are happy to buy them so we take it as quite a compliment. We also have a selection of gluten free sausages made from the finest ingredients, low in fat and full of flavour. Our Kangaroo is second to none with the peppered fillets one of the most popular products we sell. We also sell cuts to roast or stew. Tails for soup and then there is the Wallaby fillets or shanks from Lenah in Tasmania. The list goes on! Crocodile fillets and silkie bantams are also on the menu for our customers.

Our staff are friendly and well informed and only too happy to share with you any cooking recommendations and recipes. We have been voted MYOB Melbourne Markets Favourite and Best POULTRY and GAME TRADER 2013 and 2014. We have appeared in The Age Good Food Guide, The Age Epicure, Gourmet Traveller and The Herald Sun Top Places to Shop on many occasions. A testament to the pride and effort we take in making sure our product is the best and our customers are always satisfied. We are a small family business and have had a relationship with the same suppliers over the 17 years we have been in the business. We have visited most of the farms to see how the animals are reared and their environment. We count some of Australia’s finest Chefs as our regular customers and often get phone calls from them looking for information on produce.